Roxio Releases DVDit Pro HD

Comprehensive Blu-ray Disc Authoring Software for Video Professionals and Enthusiasts DVDitProHDNOVATO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Roxio ®, a division of Sonic Solutions ® (NASDAQ:SNIC - News), the leader in digital media software, today released DVDit ® Pro HD, the latest version of the company's pioneering DVD authoring solution, which now makes it possible for video professionals and enthusiasts to create high-definition Blu-ray Disc (BD) movies on their PC for the first time. Based on the same technology used in the development of Hollywood titles, DVDit Pro HD enables users to produce rich Blu-ray Disc titles with stunning HD menus that truly showcase and complement the breathtaking realism of high-definition video content and burn them to Blu-ray recordable discs for playback in Blu-ray players. Roxio DVDit Pro HD is available today at for $599.99. "Videographers have been shooting HD footage with affordable HDV and DVC ProHD camcorders for well over a year and, until now, have not had a way of delivering that HD content to their customers," said Gary Bettan, VP of marketing at Broadfield Distributing Inc. "DVDit Pro HD finally adds the missing piece of the HD delivery puzzle. A powerful, easy to use HD authoring solution for Blu-ray Disc, Sonic DVDit Pro HD represents the smoothest possible entry point to the world of high-definition." Roxio DVDit Pro HD offers an intuitive user interface and straightforward workflow that makes it easy for event and corporate videographers to achieve professional results with minimum effort. These users will also appreciate the application's support for both DVD and Blu-ray Disc, giving them the flexibility to work seamlessly with both standard and high-definition content within a single application. For independent filmmakers and post-production facilities, DVDit Pro HD includes a number of features such as a 32-track subtitle editor, support for DLT and CMF and content copy protection traditionally found only in high-end authoring programs. "With HDTV sales at record levels and shipments of Blu-ray players, including PlayStation  ® 3, already over the million mark, consumers are experiencing first hand the pristine picture quality and superior audio of the Blu-ray Disc format," said Rolf Hartley, general manager of the professional products group at Sonic Solutions. "With DVDit Pro HD, video specialists can now affordably output HD content using the Blu-ray format, delivering an exceptional end-product to their customers while simultaneously enhancing their business." Feature Highlights True HD Disc Creation With DVDit Pro HD, authors can deliver 1080p, 1080i or 720p output on writable or replicated Blu-ray Discs. DVDit Pro HD transcodes high-definition MPEG-2, AVI, QuickTime and Windows Media Video into stunning Blu-ray Disc compatible video for playback on today's most advanced HDTVs. HD Menu Compositor Content producers can build 1080p, 1080i or 720p still or motion menus from scratch with the product's built-in HD Menu Compositor. Users can also import HD menus created in Adobe Photoshop or modify the application's pre-built, professionally designed HD menu templates. HD Slideshows Users can maximize the quality of their digital pictures by creating HD slideshows with up to 999 high-resolution images. With DVDit Pro HD, they can choose from 65 transitions, add an uncompressed PCM soundtrack and output slideshows at any Blu-ray Disc supported resolution or frame rate. Multiple Audio and Subtitle Track Support Authors can take advantage of Blu-ray Disc's massive disc capacity and high maximum bit rate by using DVDit Pro HD's powerful movie timeline which can include as many as eight uncompressed PCM audio tracks and 32 smooth rendered subtitle tracks per movie. Professional Mastering Authors can provide DVD (DLT) and Blu-ray Disc (CMF) mastering services, and add CSS and AACS content protection for replication. BluRay BundlesRoxio DVDit Pro HD & Pioneer BDR-101 Blu-Ray Burner Bundles Videoguys Exclusive bundle gives you everything you need to start creating your own Hi Definition Productions! Click here for more info and to order

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