Ruecher Visuals: Why I am Starting to Love FCP X

Ruscher Visuals by Rob Ruscher

Many of you are probably laughing at this title, and to be honest I still don’t believe that I like editing with Final Cut Pro X. It looks like iMovie and the workflow is totally different. But I continued reading about it and watched some great tutorials from Chip Dizard over at Web Video Chefs (click here to see the webinar). It got me more curious and a few days later I am here.

So once I got used to the different workflow it began to make more sense and it didn’t bother me. As I mention in the video below there are still things I don’t like and hope they change. Along with that, I am still learning and it will take many more projects to become proficient.

I’ll start with the things I do not like and would like to see changed and then quickly get into why I am starting to love FCP X. No bins. Media is organized by date (See Below). Can not do multiple sequences, must be multiple projects but you can duplicate. This one I am sure I will get over, but on bigger projects, especially when making multiple versions may not work out. I have not found an easy way to mute all audio tracks. That is about it for now and I am sure like anything, there will be more after using it more.

Lets get on with the good stuff. Speed. This software is packed of so many features that it was hard to pick the ones I wanted to talk about. Granted, a lot of this features and filters/effects you would never use on a professional project, but there are many that you will. read more...

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