Samsung 360 Round 4K 3D Camera for Fully Immersive 360 Video Recording

360 Round

The 360 Round is a high-quality 360° professional camera for creating and livestreaming 4K 3D content to deliver an exceptional virtual reality experience. It's durable, compact design features IP65 water and dust resistance for use in everyday weather conditions. With PC software included for controlling and stitching, and expandable connectors and ports for easily connecting additional equipment, the 360 Round provides long lasting shooting for any sized job.
  • High-quality 360 content with 4K 3D images plus virtually seamless live streaming
  • Built for hours of continuous shooting with a compact, uni-body chassis designed to reduce heat and power consumption
  • IP65 water and dust resistance1 to capture content in the most challenging work environments
  • Expandable connectors and ports to easily and quickly connect additional equipment

Fully Immersive 360 Video Recording

The 360 Round features 17 lenses in a stereoscopic 8-pair configuration plus a single topside lens to provide broadcasters and content creators with all-encompassing, professional-quality 3D 360 video content. Users can enjoy truly immersive VR or live streaming experiences for 3D film and VR broadcasting.

Compact, Uni-Body Design

With its portable unibody design, the 360 Round can store video and audio from all 17 cameras and 6 built-in microphones as a single file directly onto your PC, SD card or SSD.² Plus, Samsung’s factory calibration technology reduces the need for separate calibration and alignment..

Heat-Resistant for Extended Shooting

A full body metal design with a heat dissipation mechanism helps to reduce overheating during prolonged use. And an optimized software system minimizes power consumption so you can enjoy nearly 12 hours of continuous shooting without the need for a fan.

True-to-Life 4K 3D 360 Video

The 360 Round sets the quality standard for video professionals, delivering 4K UHD video quality with virtually distortion-free 3D optical rendering, so you can enjoy stunning resolution for true-to-life video production. Create content the way it was meant to be seen.

Live 3D 360 VR Streaming

Push through creative boundaries thanks to live 4K 3D VR streaming with minimal latency.5 The 360 Round also removes blind spots so you can enjoy 360° horizontal and 350° vertical views. Plus, you can create fully immersive 3D videos in 4K UHD (4K x 4K).

Convenient Stitching Functionality

Take control as the story unfolds with the included advanced Samsung Stitching Program. This software instantly integrates videos and audio from each of the 360 Round's 17 cameras and 6 built-in microphones, empowering you to seamlessly preview, weave together and broadcast your digital stories.

3D Sound from 6 Built-in Microphones

Experience dramatic surround sound and 3D spatial audio reproduction thanks to 6 strategically positioned microphones.⁸ The 360 Round's integrated unibody design delivers seamless synchronization between video and audio for an enhanced live streaming experience.

IP65 Water and Dust Resistance for Outdoor Use

IP65 certification protects the 360 Round from total dust ingress and low pressure water spray from all directions.¹ So you can handle extended outdoor shooting when filming in rugged environments.

Versatile Expandability

The 360 Round features external SSD and battery pack connectors along with dual microphone ports to handle additional equipment needed for video production. It also offers extra SDI card support to alleviate the need for encoding or decoding when broadcasting live events

Supported Software to Maximize Creative Control

With PC integration the 360 Round can initiate preview and video playback without the need for additional software. It also features an optimized controller for real-time stitching and a viewer that converts raw video from each of its 17 cameras into one stitched MP4 file.

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