Samsung 360 Round is Ready for Film and Broadcast

Here's a comprehensive article looking at the 360-degree Samsung camera, the 360 Round. It's an impressive piece of equipment with a ton of lenses, real-time streaming capability and more. Immersive content creation has its challenges - the 360 Round has features that make it easier! Read on for details: From ProVideoCoalition Samsung took an enhanced version of the Samsung 360 Round camera to NAB 2018, showing how the updated 360 Round’s bundled software offers better results for both livestreaming and post production. Samsung’s presence at NAB 2018, in terms of VR, defines the continued development by the company of solutions designed to offer immersive worlds to explore. While some are still not sure if Virtual Reality has a part to play in the future of imaging, other believe that there is no way back, and different forms of this new “reality” will be used in the future. VR is, apparently, the most popular, according to a recent study by TECHnalysis Research. Introduced in 2017, the Samsung 360 Round offers 360 3D image capture, 4K x 4K resolution, 3D sound. It’s professional-quality, totally immersive VR, all in a compact unibody design, point towards the direction the industry seems to move, making early VR experiences a thing of the past. At NAB, the VR Pavilion and sessions were always packed with people wanting to test solutions and check the progress and eager to know what’s coming next. Samsung may have answers to some of those questions, and sooner than some may think. Some of those news were delivered at NAB 2018, with the enhanced Samsung 360 Round camera solution, now including updates to its livestreaming and post-production software. The new solution gives professional video creators the tools they need—from capture to post-production—to tell immersive, engaging 360-degree and 3D stories for film and broadcast. The camera now has a new mobile app allowing for preview of content and remote control. Other improvements include real time calibration of stitch lines, and color and light correction capabilities. In addition, filmmakers can now upload 360 Round content directly to the Samsung VR Video creator portal.... - read more

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