Samsung 360 Round / Stereoscopic Livestream in 360 VR

Genius takes a look in 3D and 2D at Samsung's 360 Round VR camera. You'll enjoy an upclose tour of this impressive 17-lens camera. Check it out. From Genius Channel

NABShow 2018 with Samsung 360 Round / Stereoscopic Livestream in 360 VR

Much like a traditional live television production, a control room will be available for attendees to witness a live and seamless production process overseen by directors, producers and technical personnel. Attendees will also be able to see what translates from a traditional live broadcast to a 360 live and complete VR experience. Content will be streamed in-booth to Samsung’s Gear VR and HMD Odyssey virtual reality headsets and will also be broadcast live online.

Genius Marketing will provide a combination of 3D and 2D interviews from the exciting show floor surrounding new technologies featured during NAB.

Next Computing will support the real-time broadcast with their high-end hardware, including purpose-built live stitching and streaming systems.

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