San Diego Unified School District Standardizes on AJA Technology


Prepares Students for Careers in Arts, Media, and Entertainment with Professionally-Equipped Broadcast and Multimedia Production Studios

San Diego Unified School District's Office of College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) is preparing students for their future - college and career ready, by providing them with relevant skills and technical knowledge to pursue careers in the Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME) industry sector. CCTE currently offers three pathways in AME, which include Design, Visual and Media Arts, Production and Managerial Arts & Game Design and Integration. Broadcast Journalism, Arts Management, Multimedia Production and Photographic Imaging are just a few of the courses offered in those pathways. In an effort to offer relevant industry approved programs, the District has rolled out several on-campus HD broadcast studios equipped with acquisition, editing and conversion solutions from AJA Video Systems, Inc.

"Affordability and reliability are significant factors for us when choosing technology for our facilities. Our instructors, who come from industry, have the responsibility of maintaining the technology in their facility in addition to providing students with a relevant and rigorous education in broadcasting. The District does not staff broadcast engineers, so choosing affordable and reliable AV systems are paramount to the sustainability of our facilities while ensuring public trust of CTE programs at the high school level," explained Program Specialist Mike Reynolds.

San Diego High, Madison High and Mira Mesa High are the first schools in the District with fully functional HD studios running tapeless workflows; several more are slated to launch in the next few years. A typical facility, such as Mira Mesa High's Broadcast facility, includes an AJA Ki Pro digital recorder, KUMO SDI router, two KONA LHe Plus video I/O cards and a combination of eleven different AJA Mini-Converters, in addition to HD Studio cameras, teleprompters, video servers, audio mixers, computer graphics workstations, a shared storage system and more. The facility workflows were designed by Triton Technology Solutions, a consultant and reseller based in San Clemente, Calif with Triton co-founder Pat Thompson as the Project Manager. read more...

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