SanDisk Memory Card Unlocks Faster Camera Speeds

SanDisk, a Western Digital Corporation product, recently announced the newest edition to flash memory card technology: the 400GB SanDisk Extreme USH-1 microSDXCTM card. "Whether it’s exploring a new world in an immersive virtual reality app, or capturing 4K footage on a smartphone or drone, consumers can count on Western Digital to deliver even more robust mobile flash memory technology that offers them a premium experience on their favorite device." Read this article for more information: From Forbes

sandisk extreme...Western Digital’s new card features read speeds of up to 160MB/sec and writes at up to 90MB/sec, making it 50% faster than the previous fastest model. It also meets the SD Association’s Application Performance Class 2 (A2) specification, guaranteeing fast application performance and load times on supported devices.

But Western Digital isn’t stopping there. The company also demonstrated an entirely new type of SD card based on the same PCIe technology used to connect storage in the fastest PCs and Macs. The card was demonstrated achieving sequential read speeds of up to 880MB/sec and sequential write speeds of 430 MB/sec.... read more

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