SanDisk Pro-Blade: Fast Modular Storage

In this detailed review, Jon Jacobi explores the Sandisk Pro-Blade Transport system, a versatile and stylish storage solution that combines the convenience of removable media with high-speed NVMe technology. Priced at $50 for the dock and $120 to $300 for modular SSD cartridges ranging from 1TB to 4TB, this system offers an attractive option for users seeking fast, sleek, and expandable storage.

Design and Features: The Pro-Blade Transport system centers around a portable docking unit, the "Transport," measuring 5.1 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches and weighing just under 6 ounces. With a 20Gbps USB Type-C connection, it accommodates slim SSD modules called "Mags," offering dimensions similar to 2280 NVMe SSDs. The modular design allows users to rotate backup media, store copies off-site, and segregate projects onto discrete media, promoting a clutter-free setup.

The Mags, available at $120 for 1TB, $180 for 2TB, and $300 for 4TB, are attractively priced. Interestingly, the Pro-Blade Mags come formatted to Apple's APFS, indicating a broader target audience, including users accustomed to premium pricing.

Performance: The Pro-Blade Transport system, tested with a 2TB Mag, demonstrated impressive performance across the 20Gbps USB bus, ranking closely behind higher-priced models in overall speed. While the absence of 40Gbps USB4 is noted, the 20Gbps speed still translates to roughly 2GBps sustained transfers, ensuring fast data processing with reduced power consumption and lower operating temperatures.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Sandisk Pro-Blade Transport system offers an excellent storage solution for prosumers and intense hobbyists. With its efficient performance and modular design, it provides a cost-effective and stylish option for those seeking fast backups and organized storage. While occasional operational inconsistencies were observed, these are minor concerns in the context of the overall performance and versatility offered by the system. Considering the discounted prices, the Sandisk Pro-Blade Transport system is a compelling choice for users looking to enhance their storage setup.

Read the full blog post by Jon Jacobi for PC World HERE

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