SanDisk Pro-Dock 4 is the Best Card Reader for Pros

Jaron Schneider of PetaPixel recently reviewed the SanDisk Professional Pro-Dock 4, the powerful 4-Bay Thunderbolt™ reader docking station. Schneider's in depth review goes over everything you need to know about the Pro-Dock 4 and he  considers it "the best card reader for professionals, period"

The Pro-Dock 4 has two thunderbolt 3 inputs, a DisplayPort 1.3 input and a gigabit ethernet port which can be connected to a computer through the Thunderbolt 3 ports. SanDisk Professional has four modular inserts, known as PRO-READER's™,  a “multi-card” reader (one microSD, a CF, and one UHS-II SD port), a CFexpress Type B reader, a CFast reader, and a RED Mini-Mag reader.

Check out some highlights from Schneider's view. 

"The front of the Pro-Dock is just as impressive. In addition to the four modular bays that house the individual readers (more on that shortly), it also has two USB-A, 5 Gbps ports and 2 USB-C 10 Gbps ports as well as a headphone jack. SanDisk seems to have recognized that Pro-Dock isn’t small (it’s about the depth of two of those Lexar Hubs and significantly heavier), so it decided to make the most of needing that space by providing more options for connectivity. I’m totally on board with that."


"For the most part, SanDisk did not cut corners with the build quality of the Pro-Dock 4. This guy is heavy and features a plethora of metal parts. It has a built-in fan that only kicks in during extremely taxing ingestion workloads, so the fact it’s pretty loud is only a minor nitpick against the device. It is, however, pretty loud."


"But given the dearth of options out there that do exactly what this does, I’m down to say it’s still the best option for heavy-duty, high-volume photo and video ingestion. Using the Pro-Dock 4 has been a dream and the fact that it goes above and beyond what Lexar once gave us is something I really appreciate. The amount of time this saves is a godsend."

Check out the full review here!

Learn more about SanDisk Professional here!

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