SanDisk Professional Launches 22TB and 44TB External Thunderbolt 3 Drives

In a recent article for TechRadar, Desire Athow talks about the new storage devices introduced by SanDisk Professional, the G-RAID MIRROR and G-DRIVE PROJECT. Both of these storage devices are thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Read highlights from Desire Athow's TechRadar article below.

Storage behemoth Western Digital introduced two new external hard disk drives to its already booming lineup of storage devices ahead of IBC2023, the International Broadcasting Convention, which takes place every year in Amsterdam and draws the crème of the broadcasting, media, and entertainment industries.

The pro-grade products, which include the SanDisk Professional G-Drive PROJECT and the G-RAID Mirror, formerly part of the G-Technology family, fill a void in Western Digital's offering.

Both include Thunderbolt 3 (rather than Thunderbolt 4) ports for daisy-chaining up to five devices, a five-year guarantee, and one or two hard disk drives (up to 22TB Ultrastar Enterprise-class hard drives, most likely the Ultrastar DC HC570). They also both have a PRO-BLADE SSD mag slot for managing material on this SSD-based storage device.

The PROJECT comes in sizes ranging from 6TB to 22TB. Western Digital says that it can achieve read/write rates of up to 260MB/s, which is somewhat less than the HC570's maximum transfer speed of 291MB/s.

The G-RAID Mirror can store up to 44TB of data on two drives and costs a whooping. It comes pre-configured in RAID-1 "mirroring" mode for increased data redundancy. By just turning a switch, it may be converted from RAID-0 to JBOD (Just a bunch of disks) for improved performance.

Read Desire Athow's TechRadar article HERE


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