SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE Modular SSD Storage Ecosystem

On today's Videoguys Live webinar, Gary takes us on an exciting journey into the world of the PRO-BLADE Modular SSD Storage Ecosystem. In this show, Gary showcases the cutting-edge technology and innovative features of the PRO-BLADE Modular SSD Storage Ecosystem, while delving into the various workflows it creates and enhances. Whether you're a content creator, video professional, or simply curious about the latest advancements in the industry, this is your chance to gain valuable insights and discover how the PRO-BLADE Modular SSD Storage Ecosystem can revolutionize your video production and storage processes.

Watch the full webinar below:

PRO-BLADE​ Modular SSD Ecosystem​

Small Drives Replace a Closet Full - Traditional Drives vs. PRO BLADE

  • Take up more space, heavier​
    PRO BLADE: Only require as many SSD mags vs entire traditional drives w/ cables and power supplies​
  • Require different cables and potentially power supplies​
    PRO BLADE: Need only as many enclosures as you need to access at once​
  • Are either ”stuck” on a desk or only able to use bus power​
    PRO BLADE: Are portable OR can get extra power in a desktop enclosure​
  • Require potentially old interfaces would still need to be supported And may become “unusable” due to old interfaces, all before warranty and/or life of the drive are done​
    PRO BLADE: Only need to replace enclosures to update interfaces or only replace SSD mag if drive fails (less waste)​
​Scale As Needed
  • From 1 user with small needs
  • To 2 users/locations needing more
  • To an entire production/team in a complex workflow
  • No need to "buy everything" but rather can scale up as needed

PRO-BLADE Saves Money

SanDisk Professional G40 2TB - $239  SanDisk Professional ProBLADE 2TB with Transport - $229
1x G40 2TB - $239 1x Pro BLADE 2TB mag - $189​ (Save $50)
2x G40 2TB - $478 2x Pro BLADE 2TB mag - $378​ (Save $100)
3x G40 2TB - $717 3x Pro BLADE 2TB mag - $567​ (Save $150)

Where is the PRO-BLADE Ecosystem Used?

  • TV/Commercials​
  • Social media content ​
  • Music video​
  • Corporate videos ​
  • Sports ​
  • live events ​
  • Houses of worship ​
  • weddings​
  • Documentary & wildlife ​
  • Feature films ​
  • Reality TV​
  • Education & trainings ​
  • others​

Who is the PRO-BLADE Ecosystem used by?

  • Content creators​
  • Vloggers​
  • Camera operators​
  • Directors​
  • DoP / DiT​
  • Clients ​
  • Data wranglers ​
  • Colorist ​
  • Editors ​
  • Hobbyist ​
  • others ​

From Camera to Editing Station and Everything In-Between

  • Multiple Uses​: The SSD Mag can perform as the camera capture media, shuttle drives, dailies, and working drives throughout your entire pipeline.


  • High-Performance​: Capable of up to 3,000MB/s reads and 2,600MB/s writes in PRO-BLADETM STATION​
  • Modular design​: Custom connector allows for wide usability and long-term compatibility​
  • Ultra-durable​: Withstands 3-meter drop & 4000lbs crush, as well as having 2,000+ mating cycles (insertions into PRO-BLADETM TRANSPORT and/or PRO-BLADETM STATION).​
  • Many drives, one enclosure​: Can reduce a huge volume of gear when having many mag’s per Transport or Station depending on a customer’s needs​
  • Custom Connector​: Allows for unique modularity and freedom from dedicated interface protocol​
  • Handle​: Pinch point to remove SSD mag from devices​
  • Aluminum Enclosure​: Allows for heat dissipation to maintain performance​
  • M.2 you take with you​: SSD mag is just large enough to enclose its SSD​
  • Powerful​: High 20Gbps performance with up to 2000MB/s read and write speeds with USB 3.2 Gen 2x2​
  • Lasting Performance​: Adds Thermal management & protection with an aluminum enclosure and heat sink​
  • Built for Pros​: Maintain the style, reliability, and durability that customers love
  • ​Versatile​: Mount to compatible camera rig and only remove PRO-BLADETM SSD mag for easy reloading when USB-CTM recording​
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 20Gbps port​: Up to 2000MB/s ​
  • Thermal Management​: Specially designed heat sink to manage the PRO-BLADE when running at 20Gbps​
  • LED Indicator​: Know when it’s connected and when it’s active​
  • PRO-BLADE SSD Mag slot​: Keeps the enclosure and fingers cool​
  • Solid aluminum base​: Provides durability and style while facilitating heat dissipation ​


  • Ultra-Fast​: Max out Thunderbolt 3 with 1x or using 4x PRO-BLADETM SSD mag devices for up to 3000MB/s transfers
  • Multi-Bay​: 4 hot-pluggable, high-speed SSD slots - JBOD ​
  • Versatile ​: Configure the 4 SSD mag slots the way to best serve your needs​
  • Active cooling​: Thermal management to keep SSDs performing ​
  • Custom Mounting​: Load bearing mounting points to allow for custom rigs and configurations​
  • Flow-through ventilation​: Active Thermal management to keep 4x NVMeTM SSD’s cool when performing​
  • 4x PRO-BLADE SSD Mag Slots​: 4 PRO-BLADE SSD mag slots for up to 16TB* of NVMe SSD in a TB3 Desktop device​
  • LED Indicators​: Indicates status and activity​
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports​: Daisy chain multiple devices in a custom workflow setup ​

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