SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD review: best portable SSD we’ve tested to date

Tom's Hardware reviewed the SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD drives and says they are the best portable SSD they'e tested to date! The PRO-G40, available in up to 4TB, is built for compatibility with both Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB-C™. This versatile drive enables you to efficiently collaborate across devices. Sustaining speeds up to 2700MB/s¹ read and 1900MB/s¹ write via Thunderbolt™ 3, the PRO-G40™  SSD will power through your most demanding workflows. Bring this ultra-durable drive wherever your vision takes you– its 3m drop and 4000lb. crush resistance2 along with an IP68 dust- and water-resistant rating help withstand the elements in just about every location. 

In the review they discuss Trace Testing - 3DMark Storage Benchmark, Trace Testing – PCMark 10 Storage Benchmark, Transfer Rates – DiskBench and more. 

"The 1TB SanDisk Pro-G40 is the best portable SSD we’ve tested, getting strong marks in every performance category. It’s fast and rugged. If you can take advantage of the Thunderbolt capability and overlook the price, it’s hard to beat."
Tom's Hardware

Check out the full article here!

Learn more and check out the PRO-G40 specs here!

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