SanDisk Professional Professional Readers & Dock Intro for Peak Offload Efficiency

Today's Videoguys Live Webinar is all about SanDisk Professional and their new SanDisk Professional Pro Dock 4.  This is a dock with a tremendous amount of capabilities, with peak offloading capabilities for CFAST, Cfexpress, RED Mini Mags, and more.  We're joined by SanDisk Professional to discuss some workflows with this dock, and storage overall. 

Check out the webinar, below:

Today's Guest: Jim Geduldick, SanDisk Professional Ambassador

A SanDisk Professional Ambassador!

Jim leads North American operations for Dimension Studio, one of the world’s most advanced volumetric, 3D capture and virtual production studios. 

A cinematographer, visual effects artist & creative technologist with a varied background in production, post-production visual effects, product design and technology.

​Today's Webinar Conversation Schedule

  • Our history with G-Technology SanDisk Professional 
    & your chance to win prizes!!!
  • Introducing our Guest, Jim Geduldick, SanDisk Professional Ambassador 
  • SanDisk Professional PRO DOCK and Readers
  • How can the PRO DOCK help your workflow?
  • Video Storage Don'ts: What could possibly go wrong with your media?

Special Give Away: 

For this weeks Videoguys Live Webinar, we will be doing a special giveaway to one subscriber who comments on our video.  Check out some of the possible prizes:

  • SanDisk Professional Ring Light
  • Igloo Cooler Bag
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  • Plus a chance to win a SanDisk Professional ArmorATD 2TB drive

INTRODUCING....​ Pro-Dock 4:  

Professional 4-Bay Reader Docking Station:

Powerful 4-bay Thunderbolt™ 3 docking station for time-saving offloads and device management. 

  • Four USB-C 10Gbps Card Reader bays 
  • Includes additional USB, Thunderbolt, Display and Ethernet ports
  • Integrated 260W power supply to keep all your devices powered
  • Charge your compatible host with 87W charging
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • $499.99

PRO-DOCK 4 Features

Check out this diagram for features of the Pro-Dock 4.​

Some of our favorite features include:

  • 4 card reader bays, ​up to 1000 MB/s each​
  • 3.5mm audio/mic​
  • 2x USB-C w/PD​
  • 2x USB-A w/PD​
  • Quick eject button​
  • Internal power supply​
  • 3mm Aluminum ​extrusion​
  • 8 Functional anchor points ​for modularity & attachments​
  • 2x Thunderbolt 3 (87W PD)​
  • Daisy-chain​
  • 1Gbps Ethernet​
  • DisplayPort 1.4 ​
  • Active Cooling​
  • Reader locking ​mechanism
  • Adjustable LED indicator​

Simultaneous Offloading: 

Customize with the readers you need and offload all of them quickly​.  Minimize your production downtime with high-speed transfers and four reader bays for simultaneous offloading.

Some of Jim's favorite footage ingesting software's include:

  • Pathfinder for OSX
  • Pomfort - Silverstack/XT Lab
  • Shotput Pro
  • Hedge
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Fastcopy - windows
  • Teracopy - win and Mac

How can Pro-Dock 4 Help your Workflow?​

PRO-DOCK 4 is a complete, high performance docking station. Connect your displays, drives and AV devices all to this one high-performance docking station with a blazing fast Thunderbolt connection to your workstation

PRO-READER Features​: 

The Pro-Dock 4 has a variety of readers available for purchase. ​This includes CFexpress, CFAST, Multi Card and RED MIni Mag readers.  

These readers feature:

  • Aluminum extrusion for durability & thermal management​
  • High speed USB-C 3.2 Gen 2​
  • Write Lock switch​
  • Stackable design​
  • Easy removal handle

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about the PRO DOCK 4 HERE.

Learn more about SanDisk Professional HERE.

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