Save $200 on Avid Liquid 7 Pro

LiquidAvid is now offering two different $200 Mail In Rebates on Avid Liquid Pro 7 Upgrade. That brings the price down to $479.95 after rebate – and we include Class On Demand Complete Avid Liquid 7 training FREE with your order! Â · $200 Competitive Rebate for Adobe Premiere Owners Ready to expand your editing arsenal? Just add Avid Liquid Pro. You already have an NLE you like, so why consider adding another to your toolkit? Because of what Avid Liquid Pro can do that others can’t - powerful software and hardware performance for one low price. Â · $200 Customer Loyalty Rebate for Pinnacle Edition owners We know that many existing Pinnacle Edition 5.x and 6.x owners have been waiting to upgrade to Avid Liquid 7 Pro. NOW IS THE TIME TO UPGRADE!!! For $479.95 you get the software upgrade ($199.95 value) and the Pro breakout box. That means you are getting the Pro BOB for just $280!! Avid Liquid 7 software gives you SmartSound soundtrack creation, Commotion filters and effects, and the ability to import, edit and export MPEG-4, DivX & Windows Media 9 multimedia files. What Avid Liquid Pro can do for you Avid Liquid Pro not only offers a complete professional editing toolset for DV, SD and HD, including native HDV, MXF, P2, XDCAM, but it also raises the bar by adding a number of powerful features to take your creativity even further: * One application. Everything that Avid Liquid does – editing, audio, DVD, effects – it does in one application. One place to go for everything you need means one short learning curve. * Integrated hardware. Avid Liquid Pro features a Porsche-designed USB2 breakout box with a full set of analog and digital I/O, including component and S-video, FireWire for DV and HDV. The same box provides broadcast video monitoring with real-time downconvert of HD to SD, as well as 5.1 surround audio I/O and monitoring. * Background capture. You can digitize while you’re editing for massive productivity gains. * Background rendering. Avid Liquid effects render while you work which means no render bars to stop your creativity. * Multicam editing. Real-time multicam editing with up to 16 cameras in SD and HD. * Open Timeline editing. Mix DV and HDV, uncompressed SD, MPEG, and many moreformats – all on the same timeline, in real time, with no transcoding. There’s never been an easier way to edit every format you use. * GPU-accelerated effects. Avid Liquid uses all of your GPU’s processing power to provide real-time 2D and 3D DVEs, Lens Flares, Color Correction and more. * 5.1 real-time surround mixing. Avid Liquid is the lowest-priced path to a complete surround mix for your DVD projects, with support for VST plug-ins and 32-bit float processing for the highest accuracy. * Complete DVD authoring on the editing timeline. No separate applications to manage – full menu design and authoring with dual-layer DVD support right at your fingertips. Click here to download the rebate forms and place your order for Avid Liquid 7 Pro!!

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