Save Big on Atomos 19" SUMO HDR Monitors, plus FREE Sunhood!

Instant Savings on Atomos SUMO 19" HDR Monitors!

In Stock! In Stock!
$400 OFF and FREE SUNHOOD Sumo 19M Monitor Only The SUMO19M is all about performance monitoring; HDR or SDR, 4Kp60 or HD, 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 and everything in between. With the recording functions removed, the user interface has been redesigned to emulate a button-based monitor. All the precision scopes can be accessed from the bottom of the screen as an overlay - simple and intuitive adjustments, just like your phone. $1995.00 $1,595.00 $500 OFF and FREE SUNHOOD Sumo 19 Monitor-Recorder Sumo’s 19” 1920x1080 10-bit LCD panel is driven by the AtomHDR engine which precisely maps the Log/PQ/HLG from popular cameras, game consoles or TV makers to perfectly resolve 10+ stops of HDR in real time. The brightness range and vivid colors of HDR bring scenes to life either on the monitor itself, or when output to larger HDR/Rec709 displays for on set review. It can also be used with popular NLE or grading suites for affordable HDR or SDR editing or grading in the studio, plus live switching and recording. $2495.00 $1,995.00
exp. 8/31 exp. 8/31

Atomos SUMO19

On-set and In-studio 4Kp60 HDR 19" monitor-recorder - The first production monitor that also records! Watch Videoguys Product Spotlight here.

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