Save Now on YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra - Plus New Features and New Products

YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra - The Ultimate YoloBox Experience

  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Widescreen & Vertical Orientations
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMPs, & more for widescreen
  • Stream to Instagram & TikTok vertical
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • 4K Streaming
  • ISO Recording
  • 8" Display
  • NDI (additional $99 fee from YoloLiv)
$1,499.00 reg.
$1,399.00 PROMO
Offer expires 7/31/24
  • QualComm CPU 865: Streaming performance taken to the next level with a CPU upgrade
  • 4K Streaming: Every detail comes alive with crystal clear 4K streaming
  • ISO Recording: All the video inputs saved separately and completely for flexible post-production
  • NDIHX3 and SRT: Quality video transmission over Ethernet or WiFI. Low latency over the worst network
  • Horiztontal and Vertical Streaming: Switch orientation, stream to your favorite destinations in one device (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, RTMP, Instagram, and TikTok)

YoloLiv YoloDeck Control Panel For YoloBox

  • 15 Customizable LCD Keys
  • Add Multiple Pages of Buttons
  • Switch Sources and Add Overlays
  • Adjust & Mix Audio
  • Launch & Control Scoreboard 
  • Control Instant Replay
  • Drag-and-Drop Actions to Keys
  • Configure from YoloBox
  • No Laptop Required
YoloLiv YoloDeck Overview
Add your favorite features or frequently used tools into your complete streaming control workflow with this YoloBox streaming controller -YoloDeck from YoloLiv. Switch video sources, add graphics, adjust audio and more using the 15 LCD keys that can be customized and arranged to your specific layout needs, giving you power and control with the mere tap of a single key.

You Are In Control (of Your YoloBox)
15 LCD keys poised to trigger unlimited actions. One-touch tactile operation lets you start/end live stream, start recording, switch video source, add graphics, adjust audio, launch instant replay, adjust scoreboard and so much more, while visual feedback confirms your every command.

Customization, Precision and Flexibility
When you tap a key you trigger an action. What that key does is your decision. Simply drag and drop actions from the list on the right onto the keys. Instantly switch video sources, introduce overlay, feature a comment, adjust the audio, and launch instant replay - all at the touch of a button. Bring total freedom to your YoloBox streaming and streamline your video production workflow.

Never Been Easier & Faster
YoloBox simplifies live streaming with its all-in-one solution, and YoloDeck enhances it further. Just drag and drop desired actions to specific keys, sit back, tap a key, and you’ll have full control of your YoloBox. Deliver the best experience to your audience with confidence, right at your fingertips.

Your Entire Setup at Your Fingertips
You are not confined to just the 15 keys. Create unlimited pages of buttons tailored to any of your live streaming scenarios. Effortlessly navigate through pages on the fly, ensuring you always have the right actions at your fingertips for a seamless and dynamic live stream experience.

Explore More from YoloLiv

  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Widescreen Orientation only
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMPs, & more
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • 1080p Streaming
  • 8" Display
  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Widescreen Orientation only
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMPs, & more
  • 1 HDMI Input
  • 1080p Streaming
  • 5.5" Display
  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Vertical Orientation only
  • Stream to TikTok and Instagram
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • 1080p Streaming

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