Say Bye to Your CDN! MediaDS from NewTek and Wowza is Here

Allan Tepper from Provideo Coalition wrote an about NewTek's MediaDS The MediaDS is a revolutionary real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform—the first integrated production system establishing a direct link between the producers who create content and the viewers that consume it.


MediaDS NewTek and Wowza Media Systems just announced the immediate availability of MediaDS, a real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery system. MediaDS is a hardware and software solution merging NewTek’s live production technology with Wowza’s streaming software in a 1RU footprint. The result is what the two companies call: “the industry’s first end-to- end streaming solution to allow producers to launch their own multi-channel content networks from their production site and deliver a live video stream directly to their viewers”, as long as they are limited to a maximum of hundreds, and you have sufficient upload bandwidth to serve them all. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for video producers to deliver content to their audience, whether that is within the walls of a building, across a campus or around the world,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer for NewTek. “Our partnership with Wowza means that not only do you have a solution that can encode video, but MediaDS also allows you to distribute that content as well, either to local viewers or globally.” Read the full article here!

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