School Video News Helps You If You're Looking for Editing Options

written by Albert Dupont for School Video News

When you want to do a job, how do you choose your tool? Do you pick the one you’re comfortable with?

Do you pick the cheapest or easiest tool to use? Do you pick the one the “pros” use? How about when teaching a student to use a tool? As a broadcast or film teacher, one of the jobs that you and your students need to get done on a daily basis is editing, so I would like you to take a look at a “tool” that you may not have considered, Avid Media Composer.

This article was pitched to School Video News before the release of Final Cut Pro X. With the release getting mixed reviews (See Larry Jordan Link Below), and FCPX being basically a different program, some of you may be considering a change or at least exploring your options. Also, my purpose is not to bash FCPX, Premiere, Edius or iMovie. It’s just to let you know there is another, very viable option.

Judging by the chatter on the web and email lists like the RTNDF/ list, Avid is not very popular at the High School level. Considering the success we’ve had in our District with Avid, I wondered why. Some of the comments I have received from other broadcast Teachers are that Avid is too hard for students, there is no support or resources and it’s too expensive.

Five to ten years ago, some of these concerns did have some truth to them and it’s hard to shake a reputation. I can say after six years of teaching Avid, it’s not true any more. I had a chance to meet with some of the people behind Avid Training at this year’s NAB Show and they are very interested in the high school market and want to hear from us.

Changing something in your class as big as a moving to a new editing system can be a little scary. Have no fear, there are plenty of resources to help you in your move.

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