ScreenFlow 9 Grows into a Full Fledged NLE for Mac

Screenflow 9 is a dedicated screen capture software from Telestream. As it has grown through various updates, it has evolved into a fully fledged NLE for Mac users.

Screenflow 9- the latest version of Screenflow- is the most major upgrade to the screen capture software to date. Built specifically for the macOS, it is fully Catalina compatible and includes a ton of new features.

It is now possible for users to utilize Screenflow 9 to create a complete video cast or screen cast all within one program- no more jumping back and forth between Screenflow and your editor of choice.

Version 9 has multi screen recording, a Timeline Tools palette and a clip editor- among numerous other useful features. Screenflow also has the capability to automatically generate proxies.

The new update is also significantly faster than it's predecessors. Playback of HEVC files are fluent and smoother than ever when using the proxy.

One of the most prominent features is the new Multi-Screen capability. With this feature, users can have a comprehensive look at their work space, necessary for editing- as long as they have two monitors.

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