Scruffy.TV transforms workflow with Adobe Creative Cloud

PVC by Meagan Keane

Distributed team relies on Adobe video tools for latest parody, Flight Club

Ambitiously aiming to lead the media revolution, Scruffy.TV creates custom content and is building a full, online network that is hosting all-original content. Kanen Flowers is the creative director behind the initiative, which includes That Post Show, Scruffy Thinking, Scruffy Shows, and HERO PUNK. Other team members include Kristin Martin, Ryan Jacobi, and Weston Woodbury.

We sat down with these multitalented creatives and talked about why they decided to move to an all Adobe workflow based on Adobe Creative Cloud with an emphasis on Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop. Their latest endeavor, Flight Club (a spoof on the movie Fight Club), is their first collaborative experience working with an end-to-end Adobe pipeline using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe: Why did you decide to create Scruffy.TV?
Flowers: A while ago there was a show called That Media Show, which was kind of an “Access Hollywood for geeks." I was interested in restarting the show, but soon realized that nobody wants to watch something online to get information, like they did in 2008 – they get everything from Twitter, Facebook and other sources now. I started to think about how to be more modern and interesting and thought an ensemble sketch show would be good. We have a team of utility infielders who can pretty much play any position, from video to audio editing and VFX.

Adobe: What makes the content on Scruffy.TV different?
Flowers: For one thing, literally everything is shot against a green screen, so we rely a ton on technology for digitally creating the sets, sound, effects, and so on. We produce matte paintings in Photoshop, 3D backgrounds in Cinema 4D, edit in Premiere Pro, adjust audio in Audition, and composite and grade in After Effects. read more...

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