Seagate’s Launches 12TB BarraCuda Pro: Fastest and Largest Ever

If you've been waiting for larger capacity hard drives, you're in luck. Famous hard drive maker, Seagate, launched BarraCudo Pro last month. A 3.5 inch hard drive with a 12TB capacity - the largest of it's kind! This is great progress for video makers and content developers working with demanding 4k workflows. Find out more in this article: From

seagate barracuda...The BarraCuda Pro has a speed of 7200RPM, making it the fastest 12TB desktop drive on the market. The drive’s speed “means that data-intensive activities like large file transfers and photo-editing are faster,” says Seagate.

The drive also has a large 256MB cache size, which “pushes your PC to new performance heights so you can load applications and files even faster,” Seagate says....[continue reading]

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