Seamless Live Streaming at Formula X Racing Weekend with NDI Technology and Kiloview

Discover how Formula X Racing Weekend's organizers embraced NDI technology to revolutionize their live streaming experience on race day. Learn how this Italian motorsport championship overcame unique challenges and leveraged NDI technology for high-quality, real-time race coverage.

The Challenge:
Formula X Racing Weekend, a prominent Italian motorsport championship, faced the daunting task of setting up video production at various race tracks across Italy, all while working with tight schedules. The organization needed a solution that was both user-friendly and capable of delivering high-efficiency video production without the limitations of cables and bandwidth.

The Solution:
Working in collaboration with ADCOM and Kiloview, Formula X Racing Weekend implemented a comprehensive IP-based live-streaming solution, utilizing Kiloview's advanced products and the NDI HX format. They strategically placed six Kiloview P1 and P2 4G Bonding Encoders on different cameras, ensuring ultra-low latency and real-time video delivery. Kiloview's MG300 Media Gateway was instrumental in transcoding SRT streams from cameras into NDI HX, creating a full IP workflow.

NDI HX, renowned for its low bitrates and minimal compression artifacts, delivered visually lossless images with remarkably low latency. This made it the ideal video connectivity format for challenging environments with limited bandwidth. As Simone Messina, the Technical Consultant of Formula X Racing Weekend, noted, "The client wanted a full IP workflow, so we moved to a total NDI solution."

The Outcome:
The result of this innovative approach was a live stream that kept motorsport enthusiasts in the loop with real-time race action. Kiloview's NDI-based solution allowed for cloud deployment using VPS technology, offering flexibility in setup without the need for additional physical computers. Notably, the preparation, setup, and rehearsal time for the event were significantly reduced, from several days to just a few hours, thanks to this cutting-edge broadcast solution.

Luca Panizzi, CEO of FX Master Racing Weekend, commended Kiloview's contribution, stating, "Kiloview provided an all-IP workflow, reducing the need for hardware and staffing compared to standard-based broadcasting events. It lowers production costs and opens up diverse solutions for event direction setup, from complex outside broadcasts to single workstations."

By adopting NDI technology, Formula X Racing Weekend has ushered in a new era of streamlined and efficient live streaming, ensuring motorsport fans across Italy enjoy a seamless and engaging experience. Discover how innovative technology enhances live event coverage and audience engagement.

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