Secure Data SecureDriveBT: Hardware Encrypted External 1TB SSD

SecureData's SecureDrive BT is a top of the line encrypted external hard drive, that is both portable, and remote accessible. If you take data security seriously, then this drive is one to consider.

The SecureData SecureDrive BT is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, and is Bluetooth enabled. Users can lock and unlock the drive via their smartphone, and remote wipe the entire drive, if need be.

Check out this video from SecureData:


The SecureDrive BT is quated at 355MB/s read speeds. The SSD comes in at 333MB/s read speeds. Users can chose between both HDD and SSD models, depending on their speed and budget.

Overall in our SecureDrive BT review, we found the drive deserves your attention if data security is your top priority. The hardware-encrypted external storage device uses the Bluetooth authentication approach which is very different from the others we have seen in the market.

Check out this review to learn more.

Learn more about SecureData HERE.

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