SecureData SecureDrive BT portable SSD (1TB) review

Nasilemarktech,com recently posted a great review of SecureData's SecureDrive BT Portable SSD Drive. We're going to take a look at some of the finer points in their review.

The SecureDrive BT has a simple design, in the form of a blue aluminum case with indicator LED lights on the top.

The drive is connected via a micro USB 3.0 cable which plugs into the top of the drive, and outputs to standard USB. Just above the USB is the pairing code for the drive- which will be important during use.

DataLock Companion App

In order to operate the SecureDrive BT you'll need a smartphone, an internet connection and bluetooth. Simply download the SecureDrive BT app onto your smartphone to get started.

Upon opening the app you will be prompted to add your drive using the code above the USB port. From there it is a simple, straight forward process.

Simply swipe to lock your drive. Your data can be locked and unlocked remotely, but is completely encrypted.

Check out the full review HERE

Learn more about SecureData HERE

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