SecureData SecureUSB BT Hardware-Level Encryption on a Flash Drive

SecureData’s line of secure encrypted drives mean true protection of your data, and unprecedented control over when and where it can be shared. The SecureUSB BT is a blue tooth USB thumb drive from SecureData, perfect for holding sensitive information. It can also be controlled entirely from your smart phone.

RichardTech creates great video editorials on some of the latest and most exciting technology ranging from video and streaming, to storage, to the latest smart phone devices. Recently, they covered the SecureUSB BT in great detail. 

Check out this video from RichardTech to learn more. also recently created a great article on the SecureData SecureUSB BT, getting into some of the features of the device.  We're taking a look at some of the highlights from that article, below. 


The article breaks down the design of the SecureDrive USB BT, saying it isn't all too different from a standard flash drive.  It features a hard metal casing, and is IP57 dust and water resistant.  


Of course, the features are what truly sets this flash drive apart.  The USB uses encryption hardware but does not run any software to work with your Mac or PC computer.  The SecureData App allows the drive to be locked or unlocked from anywhere.  In addition, the app features a remote wipe feature, so that if your data falls into the wrong hands, you can clear it before it's even opened. 

Check out the full article HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about SecureData HERE.

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