Security of Data on Disk - SSD vs Hard Disc

Computerphile by Professor Derek McAuley

Deleting files may not mean they're gone. Even overwriting them isn't safe. Professor Derek McAuley explains.

Videoguys notes:
This is a great video that does an excellent job explaining the different ways we write to SSD vs hard discs. Each bit in an SSD and flash memory card has a finite number of writes on them.

For video editors and photographers this is very valuable information. It helps explain why your CF or SD card suddenly stops working or the performance drops dramatically.

Higher cost, higher rated SSD drives & flash memory aren't "better" they simply have more bits they can flip. So an inexpensive 256GB SSD drive may actually have 300GB of capacity, a higer rated SSD may actually have 1GB or more of capacity. The more total capacity allows the microcontroller to spread the data around more, extending life of the SSD.

So what you are actually paying for is excess capacity which then leads to the longer life. Since digital photos and videos are large files, this issue becomes even more pronounced. Make sure you invest in top level SSD storgage for your media.

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