Serious Magic $200 rebates expire 3/31

Get $200 back when you purchase either Serious Magic's Ultra or DV Rack software! UltraUltra is simply the coolest chromakey utility around. Chomakey is the tool that allows you to superimpose a person into another video scene. With Ultra you can create perfect keys, even under poor lighting, shadows or defects in the background. Ultra also includes a library of Virtual Sets that you can use to create fantastic video sequences. ($200 MIR expires 3/31/05) We also have Great Deals on Serious Magic Ultra and the new TwistFlex2 reversible double-sided (green and blue) chromakey backdrop!! Ultra is the best thing to ever happen to chromakeying! Not only does the software do a remarkable job and deliver outstanding keys with no artifacts, halos or twinkles; but the virtual sets are super cool! We’ve been searching for a rugged, affordable backdrop to bundle with Ultra and we have finally found it! Check out these great bundle deals – prices listed here reflect the Serious Magic $200 mail in rebate on Ultra (expires 3/31/05)! : twistflex - Ultra w/ TwistFlex2 & FREE Digital Hotcakes Sampler (27 animated backgrounds $49.95 value) $599.95 - Ultra w/ TwistFlex2 & Master Set Library 2 $999.00 - Ultra w/ TwistFlex2 & Master Set Library 3 $999.00 - Ultra w/ TwistFlex2 & Master Sets Library 2 & 3 plus the Ultimate Ultra training DVD $1499.00 Do you already own Ultra? For just $499.95 you can get Master Set Library 2 or 3 bundled with the TwistFlex2 backdrop!! Click ker for more Ultra info and to order DV RackDV Rack is the perfect utility for videographers doing professional work on location. It turns your PC or laptop into a video production suite, complete with the ability to digitize your footage directly to your laptop so you don't have to lose time capturing it later. You just connect your DV camera with a standard FireWire cable (up to 50 meters) and DV Rack puts all the tools you need to get the best possible video and audio quality out of your shoot. ($200 MIR expires 3/31/05) Click here to order DV Rack or for more info Gary

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