Serious Magic DV Rack Express

DMN By John Virata Turn your laptop into a field monitor, DVR, and frame grabber dv rack expressWhen it comes to shooting video, I am a novice. I, like the majority of digital camcorder owners, enjoy shooting such events as family vacations, birthday parties, and baptisms, and editing that video with an application like Ulead VideoStudio or Adobe Premiere Elements. I've shot some good video, and I've shot some terrible video, and a lot of that has to do with how bright it was that day. Another hassle is digitizing all that video to the computer. I've got a dozen or so family events on DV tapes that still haven't been transferred to the computer. To solve some of these issues in situations that warrant it, Serious Magic, makers of the DV Rack, (reviewed here by Charlie White), offers an Express version that includes three of the 10 tools that ship with DV Rack . DV Rack Express is a set of three virtual tools that have hardware based equivalents. The premise behind DV Rack Express is to enable you to shoot better video the first time, and make the whole process faster in the process. Three tools make up DV Rack Express. These tools include the PDM 800 broadcast field monitor, the DVR 600 digital video recorder , and the DV Frame Grabber Express. The tools are available all on a single screen, and turn your laptop into a portable field monitor, digital video recorder , and frame grabber. read more...

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