Serious Magic Mail-In Rebates Expire 8/31/05

Ultra MSL RebateSerious Magic's ULTRA 2 is a breakthrough that transforms keying into a practical daily production tool for all types of video professionals. ULTRA 2's drag-and-drop simplicity allows video editors to create highly realistic background composites that are convincing in every detail, even from marginal video sources. Virtual Set Technology ULTRA 2 puts high-end virtual sets within reach. ULTRA 2's Master Sets Libraries go beyond typical static shots and include breathtaking flying camera shots, moving stages, boom and dolly moves. Sets include multiple B-source options and camera angles in tight, medium and wide views. These libraries, sold separately for $349.95 or in our special Ultra2 bundles, can be used seamlessly in ULTRA 2. We have put together some amazing bundles when you buy Ultra2 and any Master Set Library. Each of these bundles not only gives you tremendous bundle savings - we also include the Ultimate ULTRA Master Series Training DVD FREE!  · Ultra 2 and any Master Set Library plus Ultimate ULTRA $599.95 after $50 rebate  · Ultra 2 and any TWO Master Set Libraries plus Ultimate ULTRA $799.95 after $125 rebate  · Ultra 2 and all THREE Master Set Libraries plus Ultimate ULTRA $899.95 after $225 rebate Hurry – These great bundle offers and the coupon expire 8/31/05 Click here to place your order and download the mail in rebate form

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