Serious Magic Ships Master Set Library 4 for Ultra 2

MSL4Master Set Library 4 ushers in the most versatile virtual sets yet. Designed exclusively for ULTRA2, these virtual sets take full advantage of Serious Magic’s VirtualTrakâ„ ¢ technology. Each set includes multiple angles, virtual flying camera shots, and places to insert additional video sources or graphics. From the majestic to the serene, we’re sure that you’ll be impressed with the new breathtaking sets in Master Sets Library 4. The virtual sets included in MSL4 are the best yet. Here just a few: Â · Center Stage: Bring the live studio audience feel with this television stage set - complete with a virtual audience and sweeping crane shot over the audience to the stage. Â · Football: Not only do you get a football stadium with a B-source scoreboard, but you also get a control room overlooking the stadium. Great for football or sports related videos. Â · Faith: A non-denominational church oriented virtual set for the modern world. Â · Network News: Deliver the news in style with a full studio environment. Complete with a crane shot from the lighting grind down to the talent and two areas for talent to deliver their reports. Â · Convention Hall: Now you can get that convention floor feel to demonstrate or announce your products in style. As an introductory special we’re offering Master Set Library 4 for only $275!! Click here to check out the 12 new sets in MSL4 and to order

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