Serious Magic ULTRA 2 Now Available

Ultra2Professional Keying Software Delivers Enhanced Performance to Achieve Realistic Keys June 14, 2005 (Folsom, CA)-Serious Magic, Inc.T is now shipping UltraT 2, the new version of its professional keying software. A recent winner of TV Technology's Best of NAB award, ULTRA 2 is unique in the professional video market for offering flexible keying features that enable users to be more productive, work faster and achieve better quality results. Features include support for higher-resolution cameras while delivering GPU-based rendering, components that help users achieve even more realistic keys, and input and output options to further its compatibility with other software. ULTRA 2 supports HD and HDV cameras including 1080i, 1080p, and 720p with support for a variety of standard frame rates including 24 fps. With ULTRA 2's Plus 90 mode, standard definition cameras can be used for high-resolution output. Complex compositing can be conducted in real time at HD-resolution and faster than real-time at standard definition by shifting rendering demands to the GPU. Realistic shadows, reflections, and masking options are provided to deliver superb keying results from difficult-to-key shots. Finally, ULTRA 2 expands its input and output options to make it more versatile when working with 2D compositing and 3D animation applications. We are offering some fantastic bundles with Ultra2, TwistFlex2 Reversible Backdrop, Master Set Libraries and FREE Ultimate Ultra Training DVD. Check out Ultra2 and our new bundles!

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