Serious Magic's DV Rack

Videography By Ned Soltz DV RackMost DV shooters have type A personalities. I don't mean to imply that digital videographers are all hyperactive, compulsive individuals; rather, "type A" here stands for "auto." Turn on auto focus, turn on auto exposure, push the little red button and then you have video. I know who the type A personalities are when I field questions on support message boards or in my consulting operation such as, "How do I fix over/underexposure?" or "It's almost like my video goes in and out of focus. What magic can you show me in my NLE?" I can show you magic, for sure: Serious Magic. The company that in 2003 gave us virtual sets with Ultra now brings us the very serious DV Rack Pro and the stripped down DV Rack Express. The fix for those improperly exposed shots might to be shoot it again—and this time, shoot it right. Here is where DV Rack can help make the difference between DV that looks like a home movie and footage with a professional appearance. Simply put, DV Rack is an entire field production toolset that can operate on a computer as basic as a 1.4GHz Celeron with as little as 256MB of RAM. It runs as well on a laptop as on a desktop computer, so it can be used both in the studio and in the field. In fact, the only limitation is that, for obvious reasons, run-and-gun ENG or documentary filmmakers (such as myself) cannot be encumbered with a notebook computer while racing for shots. read more...

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