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SIGGRAPH 2012 is the year's largest and most complete display of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry. SIGGRAPH 2012 Exhibition sales exceeded the past three years' sales figures, with even the final SIGGRAPH 2011 exhibit numbers left in the smoke!

For those of you interest in the numbers, SIGGRAPH 2012 is the world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. In 2012, SIGGRAPH received over 21,200 artists, research scientists, gaming experts and developers, filmmakers, students and academicians from 83 countries around the world in Los Angeles, with a total of 19 countries represented on the show floor! Over 160 industry organizations exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2012, in a mind-boggling 44,750 sq. ft. of exhibit space -- about 5,000 sq. ft. more from the SIGGRAPH 2011 event!

As we all know, the SIGGRAPH conference is held by the Special Interest Group on GRAPHics, including Interactive Techniques, and is one of the most important research assemblages within the ACM, the premier research society in computer science. Game developers often do pioneering studies while developing games i.e., writing new and unique algorithms that may or may not be used for the game they're creating, and SIGGRAPH is a forum to showcase those efforts.

"The SIGGRAPH exhibit hall has become notorious for delivering the newest leading hardware systems, software tools, and creative services. Not only are we witnessing an influx in exhibition sales, but also in first-time exhibitors as well. We are pleased to welcome several new exhibitors that bring with them some of the industry's most cutting-edge and advanced technology," said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH Exhibits Manager. read more...

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