Set up an Epiphan PEARL in 5 minutes

Epiphan creates a ton of content to help users take full advantage of their products including the Pearl Family. One of the greatest advantages of the Epiphan Pearls is that they offer a tremendous amount of power to the user and are incredibly easy to set up.

Check out their latest video explaining how to best setup your Pearl System in just 5 minutes!


"In this quick start video, you’ll learn how to get your Pearl-2, Pearl Mini, or Pearl Nano up and running. We’ll go over the initial steps you’ll need to take to register the device, upgrade the firmware, set up basic layouts, and ensure your Pearl unit is configured and ready for work."

It's also worth noting that even more can be achieved with Pearl with the included access to Epiphan Cloud, which also only takes minutes to setup.  This allows for advanced content management for your entire Pearl Fleet, from anywhere in the world. 

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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