Set up Direct NDI Links from your computer to NewTek Sparks & PTZ NDI Cameras

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In this video we demonstrate how to connect a laptop to a NewTek Spark™ Converter or NDI PTZ Camera using Local Link

Richard Evans - Video Content Producer for NewTek
NewTek Local Link demo
Setting up Local Links!

What's so Special?

Being able to control the Spark Family of NDI converters over a local network is one of the many bonuses that come with this brand! But that can be a hassle.

NewTek's NDI devices do just that. In the demo, Richard Evans (Video Content Producer) goes over what you can do to connect the network port of a Spark to the network port of a computer.

But what's better is that this works for the NDI Camera's too! Now it's easy to quickly check connections and setups before you have to run out onto the field.

Watch the full video HERE!

Learn more about NewTek HERE!

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