Setting Up a Project in Final Cut 6

Ken Stone's FCP Website By Andrew Balis at Moviola Education FCP6 Getting up and running as quickly as possible with the right settings is probably at the top of your list when jumping into Final Cut Pro 6. Here we'll cover as briefly as possible the steps needed to get going in the first couple sections. We'll also assume that you haven't mastered these settings in any previous versions of FCP, but it's still a good quick-start for new and existing users alike. Afterwards, we'll dig into more specific settings and options that you may find helpful depending on your particular needs. Workflow For all users- when we work in FCP- we want certain things to be consistent throughout the project for a proper workflow. Among other things, this will avoid potential mismatch of various settings that can affect the final quality and even things like audio/video sync:
  • source- determine source settings (particular info from the videotape recording)
  • capture- choose settings for capturing video into the computer that match those of the source
  • sequence- create sequences for video that match how it was captured
  • output- for the best quality (or similar quality), output to the same format as your sequence
  • By the way, we're just looking at a basic workflow for capturing material at its current full quality, and outputting at the same quality. For simplicity, we're not covering offline/online workflows in this article where you capture at one resolution and then later re-conform at higher resolution settings. read more...

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