Setting up the NewTek Spark Plus IO

NewTek recently stepped up their line of connect spark NDI converters with their Spark Plus IO devices. They also released a great video detailing how to set them up!

In this video we show how to set up and use the NewTek Spark Plus IO module for encoding HDMI and 3G SDI sources into NDI and decoding NDI sources into HDMI or 3G SDI.


NewTek Spark Plus video converters are the fastest, easiest, and best way to video over IP. Ultra-portable enclosures with resolutions up to UHD 60p, the groundbreaking benefits of NDI®, and a host of tools and capabilities makes NewTek Spark Plus video converters the right choice for all sorts of video applications.

Compatible With Any NDI Workflow

Share video over IP with any compatible system, device, or application that supports NDI, including NewTek solutions and products from third-party manufacturers and developers.

NDI Transfer Modes

Transmit video to your network using your choice of supported NDI transfer modes, to include unicast and multicast UDP with forward error correction (FEC), and unicast TCP.

NDI Input and Output

Acquire video from connected devices such as cameras and deliver as IP to networks with NDI or provide IP with NDI from networks to destinations such as displays.


Send and receive video with networks via Ethernet and be instantly available as NDI sources and endpoints for any compatible system, device, or application.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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