Seven Inspiring TED Talks About Filmmaking

nofilmschool by Nadia Jones

Using film as a means for communication, inspiration, and entertainment, humankind uses pictures and stories to further explore our thoughts, beliefs, and world. These seven TED talks given by famous filmmakers, producers, and directors tap into the amazing potential of film as an art form, exploring the nature of inspiration, creativity, and communication.

1. Jehane Noujaim Wishes for a Global Day of Film: In this TED talk, Jehane Noujaim discusses the power of film and the potential it has to change the world. Each year the TED organization works to grant one wish of one of its speakers. Here, Noujaim reveals her wish for a global day of film. She discusses the ability film has to bridge gaps between cultures and continents. Noujaim’s powerful film, Control Room, documented Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Iraq war and the differing ways Arabs and the U.S. covered the war. In her talk, Noujaim discusses the power of film, inspiring any individual with dreams of making a difference in this world to pick up a camera and try:

2. Jeff Skoll Makes Movies that Matter: Discussing the things that inspire him and his dreams for the future, Jeff Skoll gives a TED talk about his media production company. Skoll’s company Participant Productions aspires to make movies to inspire social change. With films about social and political issues, Skoll’s production company has driven real change in the world. This talk discusses the real life social events that inspire Skoll and his company to make films. Skoll explores the potential of film to make change and the potential of people to do good: read more and watch the TED Talks Videos...

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