High definition editing from the trenches...

Shane Ross is a broadcast television editor who works with HD. This is the place he shares his experiences editing high definition television shows and lets you know about the good things and the bad, hoping you can learn from his mistakes and successes. Shane is also available for hire as a consultant.


Yes, I know. You all are expecting an NAB wrap-up of some sort from me. A "hey, I saw this and this and this and REALLY loved this." I hope to get that done soon. But, I ain't the press so this isn't my full time job. No, my full time job is what I am doing now, on Saturday (and part of Sunday) to make up for the time I spent in Vegas at NAB. And I have a family that wants to hang out with me...darn them. So you will have to settle for this...quick tidbits with links you can check out for yourself. read more...

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