Shinola's Stereoscopic 360 Video Ft. Luke Wilson Shot by Reel FX

Justin McLaughlin from 360rize explains how the VR team at Reel FX had taken viewers on a 360-degree tour of Shinola's factory. You don't want to miss it here!

Reel FX Shoots Shinola’s Stereoscopic 360 Video Tour ft. Luke Wilson

The latest from the VR team at Reel FX takes viewers on a 360-degree tour of Shinola‘s factory in Detroit, Michigan. Led by Luke Wilson, the tour offers an immersive perspective of the classic watch and bicycle manufacturer’s facility captured with 3D 360 video camera systems from 360RIZE and Nokia. Covered by Adweek, VRScout and VRFocus, this project represents the latest example of a popular brand using VR and 360 video to tell its story. The 360 video footage offers an immersive perspective of various locations throughout the Shinola factory. Viewers see engineers in their element as they create Shinola’s latest products and enjoy Wilson’s satirical commentary throughout the piece. [Continue Reading...]

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