Shoot a Film on Your iPhone, Control Canon DSLRs with an Android Tablet Monitor Rig

nofilmschool by Dave Kendricken

There’s no doubt that modern mobile technology has the capacity to streamline or benefit many aspects of filmmaking. Whether it’s the micro-video art emerging in social media, script supervision capabilities, lighting-fast previsualization softwares, or the surprisingly high-resolution video some phones and tablets can shoot (given what they are), there’s something to be said for their place in the industry. For goodness sake, modern smartphones are better at giving directions than my GPS navigator and shoot higher quality video than my first camcorder. With all that said, though, how far can things like the Apple iPhone or an Android tablet be taken down-and-dirty in the trenches of shooting?

Some major props are due to hardcore DIY-ers Kevin Good and Tobias Demi, who have done some serious field work on these subjects and put some mobile devices through their paces on location and on set. Kevin recently posted a nitty-gritty (and hilarious) lens shootout which really boiled the way low-budget shooters could (or should) be considering common DSLR zoom options.

Shooting with the iPhone

It’s worth including on the subject of iPhone shooting quality, that our founder Koo also posted a thorough comparison compilation last year. Now, via the Bammo YouTube channel, a resource that offers one new filmmaking video a day — and also collaborates with Niko and Sam of Corridor Digital, another awesome independent creative team — Kevin and Weapons of Mass Production has shot a genre-spanning fake-trailer to demonstrate the abilities of the iPhone as the primary (and sole, in fact) acquisition system. read more...

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