Shoot Review — JVC GY-HD100

VideoSystems By Steve Mullen GY-HD100Three-CCD camcorder shoots true 24fps, 720p HDV. It is a decades-old dream of many filmmakers and videographers to use a camcorder to shoot progressive (24p or 25p), high-definition video that can be transferred to 35mm film. The 720p HDV format has made it possible for this dream to be realized at a very low cost. Of course, growing numbers of those shooting corporate, news, government, religious, and event videos are also interested in shooting progressive HD video, although not necessarily at 24fps. For both types of shooters, the JVC GY-HD100 is a nearly perfect 720p HD solution. Not only is it inexpensive, at less than $6,300, it has three characteristics that make it unique in its class. First, the HD100 captures true 24p HD video. Second, the HD100 looks, feels, and behaves much like a film camera by providing exactly the shooting controls one needs and by dispensing with consumer-oriented gimmicks like sepia tone. Moreover, for those who are used to shooting with professional SD/HD video camcorders, these controls are exactly where you would expect them to be. read more...

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