Shoot Review — Sony HVR-A1U

VideoSystems by Barry Braverman HVRA1UTiny HDV marvel is the perfect "notebook" camera. It's a robust high-definition camcorder with enough horsepower to do the job, yet compact enough to fit in your coat pocket. It's under 3lbs. with battery, XLR adapter, lens hood, and cassette. It's frugal enough on power to run for hours on a tiny onboard battery. In short, the Sony HVR-A1U is the perfect “notebook† camera. Despite its small size, the Sony HVR-A1U is a full-featured HDV camcorder. Keep it close in a jacket pocket or shoulder bag, and the serious shooter can capture astonishing high-definition images almost anywhere without attracting undue attention. For best audio, a professional-style module mounts elegantly atop the camera. Use it to shoot reference scenes for your next location project, or as a crash camera Velcroed to a motorcycle helmet, or to achieve a unique perspective when suspended at the end of a fishpole. This camera is as inconspicuous as a professional camcorder can be, a potential key advantage for shooters operating in sensitive environments. On the Santa Monica pier recently, I strolled confidently camera in hand shooting unbothered and unhassled — the gold test of inconspicuousness for any camcorder. read more...

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