Shoot Review —Sony HVR-Z1

Video Systems By Steve Mullen Sony HDV1080i camcorder adds professional features for shooting HDV. The HVR-Z1, sold by Sony's Broadcast & Professional Systems division, is fundamentally the same as the HDR-FX1, sold by the consumer division. However, Sony lists some 40 firmware-enabled features provided by the $5,946 HVR-Z1. Obviously, I am not going to list these features one by one. (You can find them at Rather, based on my experience testing the camera, I'm going to point out about a dozen features that provide solutions to shooting problems. I will also detail a handful of features that I did not find to be particularly helpful. Aside from its XLR connectors, the primary feature that distinguishes the Z1 from the FX1 is that it enables you to select between Region 50 and Region 60 modes. Region 50 mode provides PAL DV/DVCAM, 1080i50, and CineFrame 25. Region 60 mode provides NTSC DV/DVCAM, 1080i60, and CineFrame 24 and CineFrame 30. read more...

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