Shoot Review — StoryBoard Artist 4

Video Systems By Tom Patrick McAuliffe story board artistWould you like to make better videos? Want to pitch your visual story ideas in a professional way to the powers that be? You can boil it down to one word — preparation. Once you have a story with a good beginning, middle, and end, you have a script. Next, it's time to plan the production shoot. For me and for many video makers, that means stickmen and crude pen drawings. Although this method may get the point across, there's still room for misunderstanding, and whether it's a few thousand dollars on a local shoot or a big-budget movie, time is money. Enter PowerProduction Software's StoryBoard Artist 4 and its junior cousin StoryBoard Quick. With StoryBoard Artist 4 (SB4), you can turn your ideas into creative blueprints and build storyboards for video, film, DVDs, games, and almost any visual or stage project. A professional-looking storyboard helps ensure a smoother production, and if you need funding, it'll also help with that. read more...

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