Shoot Review: Datavideo SE-800

Digital Content Producer by Tom Patrick McAuliffe se800DV switcher is a portable production powerhouse. In television and video production, gone are the days of simply switching between two sources. Our viewers expect more than that. The Datavideo SE-800 DV switcher becomes a portable production studio with optional TLM-404 LCD monitors attached via a special holder. The switcher is the heart of most video production and broadcast operations. Over the past few years, feature-packed switchers have become much more affordable. Datavideo offers the SE-800, its own entry into that product niche. The functionality of a whole television control room, by and large, now fits into an affordable device that's the size of a small suitcase. The SE-800 is a four-input digital and analog video mixer that handles multiple formats. It allows you to mix multiple sources, enhance your video and audio, and add titles and special effects. Best of all, it does so for less than $5,000. read more...

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