Shoot, Switch, Stream!

Streaming Media by Joel Unickow

Live-switched video is fast becoming live-switched webcasting, as video producers and their clients embrace the power and immediacy of delivering their content live to targeted audiences worldwide via streaming media. We are happy to announce Field Guide #2 focussing on Webcast Production Solutions.

As a video producer who deals with live events, you’re no stranger to multicamera production. Along with clean audio and consistent focus, multicam is arguably what sets the pros apart from the amateurs. Face it: There’s nothing more uninspiring than a static video of a talking head. If slides or prerecorded videos are involved, don’t even think about panning the camera from the speaker to the screen. And if some of your audience members are going to view on mobile, it better be crisp, clear, dynamic, and engaging to keep their attention, because there’s no shortage of cats playing pianos out there to watch instead.

On the other hand, if you’ve shot multicam live events, cut them together in post, and delivered them online for on-demand viewing to client and public acclaim, you’ve already got a leg up on single-cam shooters and anybody in the production world who gets to call “Cut!” and try to get it right on a second take. And you’re also a big step closer to live-switched production, which will save you enormous time in post and enable you to take on more work. And once you’ve punched a live show and walked away with a complete program feed ready to transcode and post, you’re that much closer to delivering the whole thing live. So, what’s holding you back? Stage fright? Time to get over it. Live delivery is where the action is.

Ready to take your production to the next level? Download Streaming Media's Field Guide #2 Shoot, Switch, Stream.

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