Shooting HDV

Videmaker Magazine by Matthew David Wachsman January, 2005 JVC HDV camIn only a decade, we've come from analog 8mm and VHS to all-digital camcorders good enough for broadcast. Now we are seeing new technology that will push videography well past the abilities of the average television. For less than $5,000, high-definition (HD) video is going consumer. High definition video gives more to the viewer, but it asks more of the shooter. HD is Here Today "Let's watch the DVD first." Frederic Haubrich leads me to a DVD player and small monitor in the white outer office of Lumiere Video, his video production facility near the ocean in Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey. I want to show you the quality of the DVD and then we can see it in HD. You know, HD is great, but unless you can show it in a way everyone can see it today, it's useless." read more...

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