Shot on RED: Netflix's 6 Underground Brings on the Bayhem

Netflix's upcoming film: 6 Underground is their most expensive yet. And it was shot on a custom RED Camera- the RED Bayhem.

Michael Bay went old school to shoot his new Netflix film- shooting explosions and enhancing visuals for a perfect popcorn flick. And it couldn't have been achieved without the help of a RED Camera.

6 Underground is Netflix's most expensive film ringing up at 150 million dollars- a significant gamble on the streaming services part.

The RED "Bayhem" is a custom RED Helium 8K super 35 camera, built especially for Michael Bay's latest. The original goal for the camera was for it to be used in the final Transformers outing.

This new sensor was created by RED in a compact, perfectly stabilized package, outfitted for Bay's unique shooting style.

RED continues to be a standard for professional cinema quality work. When it comes to top of the line tools, except no substitute.

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