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G-Technology for RED camerasNext Generation Filmmaking

RED sparked the 4K revolution in 2007 and established a trend in stunningly rich, ultra-high-definition filmmaking that continues through today. This industry transition disrupted traditional workflows with digital-era rapidity, and each sensor generation, while giving creators unprecedented image quality and creative potential, also imposed a fresh set of demands. Much of that shifting workload fell to storage. With effective storage from the likes of G-Technology, demanding video workflows become a breeze and data is stored reliably. G-Technology partnered with RED to be as close as possible to the “capture” stage of next-generation filmmaking — and thus developed the Evolution Series Reader for RED MINI-MAGs. RED appreciated G-Technology’s long-proven commitment to quality, performance, and understanding the detailed needs of creative professional workflows. With G-Technology solutions, RED artists can bring their visions through production with high throughput speed, quality assurance, and simplicity.

Maximize Your Red Workflow

Designed to optimize and simplify your RED camera workflow, the ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition leverages high-performance connectivity for fast and simple RED footage transfers and backup. You can transfer content quickly from a RED MINI-MAG media card onto any G-DOCK ev® docking station, G-SPEED® Shuttle XL with ev Series Bay Adapters. When shooting on the go, simply slip it into the watertight protective ev All-Terrain Case for added protection. The ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition is the perfect companion for your RED workflow.

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